About Me

Hello! My name is Basil, a friend or 3 has called me “plant” (a cute nickname if i’m being honest). For several days, maybe even a week, i’ve been trying to come up with the facts about myself to fill this “about me”. It’s a hard task because i don’t want to/can’t get too personal, but also should give some information, right?

Maybe to start simple, I enjoy consuming media- video games, movies, comic books and novels. I love looking at art that makes me happy, music is the way to my heart and bingeing tv shows at light speed is a regular task. I’m clumsy and always covered in bruises. Sometimes i paint canvases that are too large or draw in a half filled sketchbook. I love the ocean more than anything else (except crustaceans those guys suck). Spring is my favorite season because i love watching new plants bloom. I enjoy cooking even if i’m not the greatest chef. Baking is very difficult for me but i want to get better this year! Trying new food is something i enjoy a lot. I was vegetarian for 11 years until 2023 i decided to be pescatarian and now sushi is my second favorite cuisine after Indian food.

Now for a bit more of a personal share! i’ve moved around a lot in life. Growing up i didn’t stay in a school longer than two years before moving to a new one (which made making and keeping friends quite a difficult task). I have two sisters, 2.5 nieces (one is still incubating). I’ve loved, i’ve lost, i’ve learned about what it is i want and loved again. In my 28 years of life i’ve had more pets than i could ever remember to count and currently have none. Well, actually i have one but he’s more of an idea right now; his name is Reggie and he’s a little dog that likes penguins and looking at frogs from afar. Maybe one day he will be real and i’ll share about him on this blog. Okay, back to me.

Like everyone else on this planet i’ve got my own complexities- things that will upset me, some bad memories but lots of good ones too. I’ve been through a lot and honestly, (most days) i look forward to going through more. I’ve got a lot to learn and hopefully a lot i want to share. I have aspirations for things i want to experience for the first time. but as complex as one may be, at the end of the day i’m actually pretty simple. I want to laugh, i want everyone around me to feel joy, i want to thrive, i want to matter and want everyone else to know they do too.