Why I Started a Blog

I started a blog for a couple of pretty basic reasons. The first is i think this could be a fun way to share what i find interesting or insightful. I don’t want to stick to things that only make me happy because i don’t want to box myself in that way but this is something for me, something i can curate as my own and be proud of. Plus, i’ve always admired archivists and people with good management of their memories (photos, videos, posts, etc). I’ve lost so many reminders of memories over the years it’s heartbreaking. So hopefully through blogging i’ll achieve that to some extent. Another reason is probably peer pressure of some sorts. My boyfriend has a blog that he’s been working on. Well, a whole website to be honest but that’s to be expected. (Is it too soon to tell you to visit I’ve had a lot of support from him in setting up this blog from hosting (idk), or searching for the easiest way for me to access this, to encouraging my self expression. It’s nice to have the support. Friends around me have also had blogs of their own over the years and i think it’s nice to check in and see what compelled them to write about and share. Most of them are nerds and talk about video games but that’s fine too; I’m sure i’ll have video game posts as well.

I’m not a writer, i’m not a photographer, or a social media influencer- nor do i want to be any of those. I want a space where i can share freely and honestly. I know i’ll be bad at it. There will be lulls in posts, bad posts, typos, intentional mis-capitalizations, fake words too, and maybe no one will ever read anything i write but that’s probably okay too. I want to allow myself this space to do as i wish, not get caught up in picture perfect shares that other social media algorithms demand. If i think it could be a blog post then it will be.

I think social media has a way of kneading the genuine out of people. Everyone wants to perform, be the most aesthetic or have the most picture perfect life. They want to be the one with the most followers and engagement instead of having genuine connection. Not only have i never been good at this sort of online presence, i also no longer want it. I want to be genuine, share the real me and see real posts. You know, i saw an instagram post the other day and this person set up a camera to record herself crying. Like ugly crying, sobbing into her pillow! WHY? Like, i understand sharing vulnerabilities, it can be freeing or helpful to others but something about what “influencers” feel they have to or should post is strange. I want to see more people make genuine spaces online also. I’ll check them out! I want to know what friends have to say unfiltered.

A bonus reason for blogging is I think in this new world of generative AI, real voices are being drowned out by bullshit. I think that the care someone can put into something is beautiful even if flawed. Taking the time to create, be it writing a blog, painting, making music, a game, a website, or anything else you can think of. Maybe this blog (and yours) can help us not lose the art of being human or something. Maybe with this paragraph you’d think that AI has already implanted chips into us all already and we’re living in some sci-fi dystopian novel. Not yet anyways.

Weird tangents aside, i’m not looking to become famous with my blog. I don’t want to pretend i’m an expert of some sort, and i don’t want to sell you anything. I want to be as genuine as possible and i want to share in a new way.

Hopefully you’ll tune in for the adventure! See ya

2 thoughts on “Why I Started a Blog

  1. I’m glad you did. I found you through the IndieWeb Webring, and was excited to read this post. It resonated. Couldn’t agree more about the lack of realness in social media. Looking forward to reading your future posts 🙂

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